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I am very pleased to see you on this homepage – You are Welcome.


You will wonder what we also can offer you exceptional. Not an easy question to answer, because many furnace-builders are competing for your favor.. Of course also has all the best, the most beautiful, most effective and cheapest package ready for you.


First of all ... we certainly do not have the cheapest stove. But honestly, do you want something cheap? Or do you prefer a superior quality, which may be a little more expensive at first glance, but definitely pays off after a while because the stove is simply precious more


Often put to yourselves also the question: "Why is the cheap stove cheaper then?"

Is it due to the fact that the material, the effectiveness, the production or even the assembly is just cheap on site? Or is it a company which still removes fast your camps to get rid of outdated technology?

Perhaps, everything still has to leave fast, before the gates shut for good?


Or must one still decide just fast on the fair or between door and hinge, because this price is never again valid only just now and then?

How does it look, moreover, with a long-term guarantee? Is everything also enclosed really with?

Maybe one should more exactly think about these points once?


Furthermore I must find out over and over again that at the moment almost everybody wants to offer to you some technology gadgets like heating binding and electronic burning control. Of course we also need these things on offer, however, in most cases they are not necessary or even not at all usefull. Besides, you should be also cleared up about the fact that heating of your stove and also the heat emission changes as such often completely. If you also do not believe that one should speak of it before the decision? Only because this of many representatives is offered, it must not be by force the best.


You will not experience such work with me. I can also not promise to you, that I have the right stove for you. But I can promise one to you... if not, then I say it you.


Test me and the quality of the original stoves and fireplaces AMBIO. You will certainly not be disappointed.


A few words to my person: For over 29 years in consultation, planning, sales and care of high-quality stoves for my customers on the way. Approximately 3/4 of this time I am already active for the company AMBIO-Flamm, thus a partner of the first hour. Since I always attach great importance to clean and honest advice, optimal products and first-class construction, there is also no interest in changing this in the future.


I wish you a lot of fun on this side and would be glad very much about an entry in our contact form. Then you will immediately receive suggestions or answers to your questions.


Kind regards you


 Christian Mathias