Your advantages at a glance

  • With only one basket of wood on the day 12 - 24 hours healthy radiant heat (deviating in the case of hot water appliances without ceramic trays)
  • hardly dust swirling, also suitable for allergy sufferers (except for small back ventilation there are no hot air openings ... Exception = inspection opening for ovens with heat exchanger)
  • Little ash residues only 3-4 times ash removal from the combustion chamber during the heating period (with daily use)
  • Immediate heat through the large panes (similar to the combi oven)
  • The glass pane remains almost completely clean by the unique 4- fold window ventilation
  • Individual design, small modifications on site are always free of charge
  • Low particulate matter particles, we already meet tomorrow's emission      standards
  • Optimal connection system of the memory core
  • Pressed with about 630 tons (highest heat storage and heat transfer speed) ... fired at 1450 ° C (highest  resistance with optimum flexibility)
  • 10 years warranty, also on the parts touched by the fire
  • The ideal synthesis between optimal storage capacity, absolute resistance, excellent material flexibility and maximum durability ... no normal shamotte (industrial chambre with increased flexibility), therefore no problems with fast high heating and also with the increased heat requirement of a heat exchanger
  • heat exchanger output from 10 - 40 KW water side


Not quantity, quality is our claim