Various types of warmth dissipation

a. Heat conduction:

  • Walking the heat from a warmer to a colder part of a fabric. This can only take place within a body or between connected bodies.

b. Convection heat (warm air):

  • When, for example, air is transported to a different location, this is   called convection or warming.

c. Radiation warmth:

  • Comparably with the solar warmth whose sunrays are warm rays. With radiation warmth molecules of a body, while striking the warm rays are moved, into quicker oscillation. This physical process which we do not note gives us a pleasant warm feeling.
  • Only heat radiation offers a natural basis for health, security and relaxation.
  • The room air temperature can be kept lower, a substantially reduced load of the respiratory tract arises from it. Risks of allergies are thereby reduced.
  • Decisively for a natural, healthy warmth is the well-balanced relation of radiation and convection warmth
  • Only slightly moved, dust free breath air with the right air humidity with low ambient temperature creates a natural, healthy space climate.
  • Exactly this healthy warmth is achieved with an original memory stove AMBIO.

Quick warmth:

They certainly know the prejudice: "Memory stoves can generate no quick warmth."
However, this they are able!
Radiation warmth is because quick, very fast even.
Imagine a cool day in the spring. You go in the T-shirt outward and you feels chilly. At this moment the clouds move, the sun appears and lays you in the sunlight. To you becomes presently warm, although the air is cold round you furthermore. A unique feeling which we dismiss, unfortunately, mostly as everyday, although it is a true miracle of the nature. I am sure, you can confirm to me this.
What has happened?
The rays of the sun have moved the molecules in your body into quicker oscillations. With a full-ceramic memory stove you get this feeling also in your comfortable home.
To have the warmth in your space even quicker, a glass heating door is recommendable. With it, you receive in the shortest time pleasantly heated rooms and enjoy also the homely atmosphere of the crackling wooden fire.